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+50% Employee Adoption

Reduced Time to Fill By 50%

First Hire in 14 Days

Doubled Hires from Referrals

Tripled Referrals Sent

Avoided +$250,000 in Agency Fees

30-50% of Hires from Referrals

Average Varies Between 10-15%
SOURCE: EmployUs 2018

What People Are Saying

Diane Johnson

Director of Talent Acquisition at Citrix

"We believe it’s a game-changing technology that is easy to use and that will reach a larger network of candidates than typically we can reach on our own."

Jason Widen

Founder at REVGEN

"Getting started was fast and we hired six people in the first 45 days. EmployUs delivered great people who really fit our fast-paced entrepreneurial culture."

Thad Tarkington

CEO at FilterEasy

"EmployUs made it easy to receive and reward referrals. We hired an awesome designer in less than two weeks by listing our job on EmployUs."

1 in 5 Applicants Get Hired

3X Better Than SHRM Average
SOURCE: EmployUs 2018

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